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ISBN: 978-5-9556-0098-7
Специальности: Программист
  • 1.
    Бахвалов Н. С., Жидков Е. П., Кобельков Г. М
    Численные методы. Учебное пособие. - 4-е издание
  • 2.
    Ватолин Д. С
    Алгоритмы сжатия изображений
  • 3.
    Колмогоров А. Н., Фомин С. В
    Элементы теории функций и функционального анализа
  • 4.
    Кристофидес Н
    Теория графов, алгоритмический подход
  • 5.
    Липкин И. А
    Основы статистической радиотехники, теория информации и кодирование
  • 6.
    Липский В
    Комбинаторика для программистов
  • 7.
    Препарата Ф., Шеймос М
    Вычислительная геометрия. Введение
  • 8.
    Адамс Д, Роджерс Д.
    Математические основы машинной графики
  • 9.
    Ярославский Л. П
    Введение в цифровую обработку изображений
  • 11.
    Adobe Systems Inc. PostScript language reference.- 3rd edition
  • 12.
    Barnsley M. F., Sloan A. D
    A better way to compress images
  • 13.
    Bayer B. E
    An optimum method for two level rendition of continuous-tone pictures
  • 14.
    Bezier P. E
    Emploi des machines a commande numerique
  • 15.
    Boykov Y., Jolly M.P
    Interactive graph cuts for optimal boundary and region segmentation of objects in n-d images
  • 16.
    Bresenham J
    Algorithm for computer control of a digital plotter
  • 17.
    Bresenham J
    A linear algorithm for incremental digital display of circular arcs
  • 18.
    Canny J
    A computational approach to edge detection
  • 19.
    Castle C. M. A., Pitteway M. L
    An effcient structural technique for encoding best-fit straight lines
  • 20.
    Chui C. K
    An introduction to wavelets
  • 21.
    CIE. Colorimetry. official recommendation of the international commission on illumination: Tech. Rep. 15.2
  • 22.
    Cohen E., Lyche T., Riesenfeld R. F
    Discrete B-splines and subdivision techniques in computer-aided geometric design and computer graphics
  • 23.
    M. de Berg, M. Overmars, M. van Kreveld, O. Schwartzkopf
    Computational Geometry: Algorithms and Applications
  • 24.
    A. van Dam, J. F. Hughes, J. Foley, S. K. Feiner
    Computer Graphics. Principles and Practice. 2nd edition in C
  • 25.
    Beck J, Cyrus M.
    Generalized two- and three-dimensional clipping
  • 26.
    de Casteljau P
    Outillages methodes calcul
  • 27.
    Diday E
    The dynamic clusters method in nonhierarchical clustering
  • 28.
    Farin G
    Curves and surfaces for CAGD: a practical guide
  • 29.
    Cook R. L, Feibush E. A., Levoy M.
    Synthetic texturing using digital filters
  • 30.
    Floyd R. W., Steinberg L
    An adaptive algorithm for spatial gray-scale
  • 31.
    Y. Fisher
    Fractal Image Compression: Theory and Application
  • 32.
    Gonzalez R. C., Woods R. E
    Digital Image Processing.- 3rd edition
  • 33.
    Guild J
    The colorimetric properties of the spectrum
  • 34.
    Gupta S., Sproull R. F
    Filtering edges for gray-scale displays
  • 35.
    Heckbert P
    Color image quantization for frame buffer display
  • 36.
    Huffman D
  • 37.
    C. E. Leiserson, C. Stein, R. L. Rivest, T. H. Cormen
    Introduction to Algorithms
  • 38.
    Flynn P. J, Jain A. K., Murty M. N.
  • 39.
    Barsky B. A, Liang Y.-D.
    A new concept and method for line clipping
  • 40.
    MacKay D. J. C
  • 41.
    Barrett W. A, Mortensen E. N.
    Intelligent scissors for image composition
  • 42.
    B. P. Flannery, S. A. Teukolsky, W. H. Press, W. T. Vetterling
    Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing
  • 43.
    Buck J. R, Oppenheim A. V., Schafer R. W.
    Discrete-time signal processing.- 2nd edition
  • 44.
    Pratt W. K
    Digital Image Processi ng: PIKS Inside
  • 45.
    Holladay T. M, Roetling P. G.
    Tone reproduction and screen design for pictorial electrophotographic printing
  • 46.
    Rothstein J., Weiman C
    Parallel and sequential specification of a context sensitive language for straight lines on grids
  • 47.
    Schroder P., Zorin D
  • 48.
    Hodgman G. W, Sutherland I. E.
    Reentrant polygon clipping
  • 49.
    Wallace G. K
    The JPEG still picture compression standard
  • 50.
    Weiman C. F. R
    Continuous anti-aliased rotation and zoom of raster images
  • 51.
    Welch T. A
    A technique for high-performance data compression
  • 52.
    Wolberg G
    Digital Image Warping
  • 53.
    Wright W. D
    A re-determination of the trichromatic coefficients of the spectral colors
  • 54.
    Wu X
    An effcient antialiasing technique
  • 55.
    Lempel A, Ziv J.
  • 56.
    Lempel A, Ziv J.