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Специальности: Программист, Экономист
  • 1.
    Моделирование элементов мышления
  • 2.
    Т. Кохонен
    Ассоциативная память
  • 3.
    Принципы нейродинамики
  • 4.
    Ф. Уоссерман
    Нейрокомпьютерная техника
  • 5.
    Введение в нейрокомпьютинг
  • 6.
    Arbib M., ed
    The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks
  • 7.
    Обучение нейронных сетей
  • 8.
    А.Н.Горбань, Д.А.Россиев
    Нейронные сети на персональном компьютере
  • 9.
    Ф.В. Широков
    Нейросети на шине VME. Краткая история нейроинформатики
  • 10.
    Anderson, E, J. A. and Rosenfeld
    Neurocomputing: Foundations of Research
  • 11.
    A. and Rosenfeld. E, Anderson, J. A., Pellionisz
    Neurocomputing 2: Directions for Research
  • 12.
    Beltratti A., Margarita S., Terna P
    Neural Networks for Economic and Financial Modeling
  • 13.
    Bishop C.M
    Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition
  • 14.
    Haykin, S
    Neural Networks, a Comprehensive Foundation
  • 15.
    Hecht-Nielsen. R
  • 16.
    Hopfield, J.J
    Neural networks and physical systems with emergent collective computational abilities
  • 17.
    Hopfield, J.J
    Neurons with graded response have collective computational properties like those of two-state neurons
  • 18.
    McCulloch, Pitts. W., W.S.
    A logical calculus of the ideas immanent in nervous activity
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    Handbook of Neural Computing Applications
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    Analog VLSI and neural systems
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  • 23.
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    Applications of Neural Nets
  • 24.
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    Adaptive Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks
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  • 26.
    Bishop C.M
    Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition
  • 27.
    Fausett, L.V
    Fundamentals of Neural Networks: Architectures, Algorithms and Applications
  • 28.
    A., and Palmer, Hertz, J., Krogh, R
    Introduction to the Theory of Neural Computation
  • 29.
    Masters, T
    Practical Neural Network Recipes in C++
  • 30.
    M. and Illingworth, McCord Nelson, W.T
    A Practical Guide to Neural Nets
  • 31.
    A.J., Bell, Sejnowsky, T.J
    An information-maximization approach to Blind Separation and Blind Deconvolution
  • 32.
    Bishop, C.M
    Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition
  • 33.
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    Visual Explorations in Finance with Self-Organizing Maps
  • 34.
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    The Organization of Behavio
  • 35.
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    Introduction to the Theory of Neural Computation
  • 36.
    Kohonen, T
    Self-organized formation of topologically correct feature maps
  • 37.
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    Self-Organizing Maps. Springer, 1997 (2-nd edition)
  • 38.
    Linsker, R
    Local synaptic learning rules suffice to maximize mutual information in linear network
  • 39.
    E, Oja
    A simplified neuron model as a Principal Component Analyzer
  • 40.
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    Learning in nonlinear constrained Hebbian networks, in Artificial Neural Networks (Proc. ICANN-91), T.Kohonen et al. (Eds.)
  • 41.
    Crick, F. & Mitchison G.
    The function of dream sleep
  • 42.
    Diderich, M, S. & Opper
    Learning of Correlated Patterns in Spin-Glass Networks by Local Learning Rules
  • 43.
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    Neural networks: general properties and particular applications
  • 44.
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    Empty classes, predictive and clustering thinking networks
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    Self-organization and Associative Memory
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  • 54.
    Кук, С
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  • 55.
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  • 56.
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    Neural Networks for Optimization and Signal Processing
  • 57.
    B., Cooper, S
    Higher order neural networks - can they help us optimise?
  • 58.
    B.S, Cooper
    A comparison of the number of stable points of oprimisation networks
  • 59.
    and Gambardella, Dorigo, L., M, M.
    Ant colonies for the traveling salesman problem
  • 60.
    and Willshaw, D, Durbin, R.
    An analogue approach to the travelling salesman problem using an elastic net method
  • 61.
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  • 66.
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  • 70.
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  • 71.
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    A certain zero-sum two-person game equivalent to the optimal assignment problem
  • 72.
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    Neural network solution to the link scheduling problem using convex relaxation
  • 73.
    and Soderberg, B, C., M., Ohlsson, Peterson
    Neural networks for optimization problems with inequality constraints - the knapsack problem
  • 74.
    B, G. and Soderberg, Peterson
    A new method for mapping optimization problems onto neural networks
  • 75.
    J-Y, Potvin
    The travelling salesman problem - A neural network perspective
  • 76.
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  • 77.
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  • 78.
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    On the stability of the Travelling Salesman Problem algorithm of Hopfield and Tank
  • 79.
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    Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition
  • 80.
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    Complexity of Models, in Complexity, Entropy and the Physics of Information
  • 81.
    Александер Г.Дж., Бэйли, Дж. В, У.Ф., Шарп
  • 82.
    Abu-Mostafa, Y.S
    Financial market applications of learning from hints
  • 83.
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    Neural Networks for Economic and Financial Modeling
  • 84.
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    Chaos Theory in the Financial Markets
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    MESA and Trading Market Cycles
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    A Friendly Guide to Wavelets
  • 88.
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    Technical traders guide to computer analysis of futures market
  • 89.
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    Fractal Market Analysis
  • 90.
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    Technical Analysis Explained
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    Forecasting Financial Markets
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  • 101.
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  • 102.
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    Financial ratios, Discriminant analysis and the prediction of corporate bankruptcy
  • 103.
    Altman, E. I.
    Defaults and returns on high-yield bonds through thr first half of 1991
  • 104.
    and Shekhar, Dutta, S, S.
    Bond Rating: A Non-Conservative Application of Neural Networks
  • 105.
    Horrigan, J.O
    The determination of long term credit standing with financial ratios
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    J, J. and Utans, Moody
    Architecture Selection Strategies for Neural Networks: Application to Corporate Bond Rating Prediction
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    A.V, and Yarovoy, S.A., Shumsky
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  • 109.
    R.R, West
    An alternative approach predicting corporate bond ratings
  • 110.
    C.Couvrer and P.Couvrer
    Neural Networks and Statistics: A Naive Comparison
  • 112.
    Neural Networks and Statistical Models