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3.2. Comprehension tasks

3.2.1. Answer the questions to the text

  1. What kinds of problems do homebrew coders tackle?
  2. What types of software do homebrew coders build to make a decent living?
  3. What are the ways to distribute software written by homebrew coders and collect money from the customers?

3.2.2. Match the following statements as True or False:

  1. Niggling problems of consumers do not merit the attention of big computer firms but provide opportunities for homebrew coders. Is it true?
  2. The reason for the trend is the sorry state of the technology industry, following the bursting of the dotcom bubble. Is it true?
  3. Homebrew programmers experience serious problems with software distribution and money collection. Is it true?
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Nigora Shomirova
Nigora Shomirova

Это почему так получается я её 1 недели изучала это издевательство что-ли?

Сауле Бельгинова
Сауле Бельгинова