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Subject Area:
Language Arts, Social Studies
Grade Level:

Unit Summary:
In this unit, students will travel the globe to see how culture impacts the story of Cinderella. As they work through the unit activities, students will read and analyze many different versions of this classic tale, learn more about the literary genre, and study character development and the difference that point of view can make in the telling of a tale.


Unit Plan
Cinderella Unit Plan

Student Samples

Shoes Can Make a Difference (Microsoft PowerPoint*)
Cinderella Wanted Poster
(Microsoft Publisher file)

Young Author Brochure (Publisher file)
Cinderella - What is the Real Story?
(Web site)

Note: Links to Internet sites that are provided on this sample Web site may no longer be active; they are provided as illustrative examples only.

Student Support Materials



Cinderella Connection 

Focus Questions 

Cinderella Play 

Presentation Planning 

Web Site Template (Publisher file)

Cinderella Venn Diagram

Web Survey Results (Microsoft Excel* file)

Fairy Tale Elements 


Teacher Support Materials
Classifying Fairy Tale Events as Fantasy or Realism (PowerPoint)

Fairy Tale Point of View (PowerPoint)

Cinderella Unit Calendar (Publisher file)

Cinderella Cooperative Input Strip


Evaluation Tools
Web Site Checbric

Team Scoring Guide

Young Author Brochure Rubric